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 update 23/11/09

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Dioscuri (High Senate)
Dioscuri (High Senate)

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PostSubject: update 23/11/09   Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:12 pm

well we've got a full wing of yes and probably returners and a some new friends to add to the crew. As long as TC don't wimp out then it will be a fun start.

Guides are coming along nicely and the forum is starting to take shape.

Goals for next week are to finish the forum structure so it's set up and ready for restart and make sure we have the worst of the spamming under control and out of people way.

As usual if we have any old faces coming back then start a thread and I'll activate you. New hopefuls pipe up and we'll give you a regular forum account to post on the public section.

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update 23/11/09
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